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smilecakes's Journal

Smile Cakes
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Sharing the cute and sweet things in life that make the world fun to live in.
What is cute?

Cute is really subjective. For anyone, it can really be mostly anything. It can be from cupcakes to glittering objects to the cute thing your love told you on the bus in the morning. Share any of it and all of it! Pictures are a fun visual treat but little tidbits are just as cute!

What is not cute?

Profane pictures, or anything considered racy. There is no denying that there is artistic aesthetic to the human body however, there is a point when there is too much. I advise against this type of thing. In blatant terms: No nude!


Totally allowed, however, to reduce the spamming of friend pages and messiness please keep all pictures larger than 500x500 under a cut.


Anything that has been saved as a group memory is usually going to be a cute craft or something along those lines. If something should specifically be added to the memories contact a mod and if it is acceptable then it will be added.

As an overall this is a community to make new friends and spread the world with so many sweet things that it'll put a smile on your face so sit down and have a smile cake!